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This health blog allows me to share with you thoughts I have about different aspects of holistic health and making healthy choices.

This website is divided into specific categories and I work hard at filling those categories with appropriate information. This part of my site will always continue to grow as I write more and more pages to add to each category.

Sometimes, though, I have thoughts to share that don't fit well into one particular category. That is where this blog page comes into play!

Here, you can find entries and a variety of subjects. My musings on any particular day about an aspect of holistic health, the health of us as a species, the health of our planet, how we can help, etc., etc., etc.

This is a place where I can share with you the things I am trying in my own life, what is working and what is not.

I invite you to read and to share. Yes, share.

Feel free to comment on my posts or to ask questions. This blog is a place where discussions can start, questions can get answered and thoughts can be shared.

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Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to talking with you...

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My Blog Entries and Your Comments

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That Sugar Film 
THAT SUGAR FILM is a great film out of Australia done by Damon Gameau. There are so many of these inspiring and educational films coming out now …

Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman 
Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman are examples of the kind of people I like to surround myself with. This past weekend they gave a talk, food demo …

T Colin Campbell - The China Study - Plant Pure Nation 
Yesterday I watched the film Plant Pure Nation here in Las Vegas. After the film, T.Colin Campbell and his son Nelson were available for questions and …

5 Ways to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck 
I am all about this… If you are going to do something, do it in the way that you get the most benefit from it. I love doing things that increase my …

MAY I BE FRANK movie starring Frank Ferrante 
The 'May I be Frank' movie is the story of Frank Ferrante's transformation and it is truly an inspirational one. One that shows everyone that this can …

Jay Kordich Sharing his Wisdom 
Last night I met Jay Kordich. He is 89 years old, makes and drinks fresh fruit and vegetable juices every day and is fabulously inspiring. Who have …

5 Free Things We All have Access to but Many Rarely Use 
Do you want to be more healthy and successful? Do you feel like it costs too much to be healthy? Well, here are 5 absolutely free things that everyone …

5 Tips You Can Do in Under a Minute to Be Instantly Healthier 
5 things you can do in under a minute to be instantly healthier. Each of these things takes only seconds but the health benefits of doing these regularly …

Eco Friendly Products 
Make healthy choices in all the things that you buy. Consider, not only your own health but the health of; -the planet -other people that …

Halloween Candy Alternatives 
Here in North America, Halloween is a big deal for many. The biggest tradition is 'trick or treating' which involves children dressing up in …

Reduce Your Trash 
Reduce garbage, minimize the amount of trash you produce. Why is this important? The trash doesn't leave our planet, it stays right here on our home. …

Trying New Foods 
Farmers' Markets - Try a New Food Today By food, of course I mean something direct from Nature! Yesterday we were at our local Farmers' Market and …

Healthy Eating While Traveling 
Eating healthy at home is one thing ... eating healthy when on the road is a different story. Without proper preparation it can be a nightmare trying …

Natural Makeup - Non-toxic Cosmetics 
Natural makeup, that is non-toxic makeup, is something that has been on my mind for a while now. Living a natural, non-toxic life is something that …

Doctor Recommended .. Is it Always Best??? 
Does anyone else out there find it interesting that the medical doctors tell you that drugs are bad and that you should stay away from drugs.... but the …

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