5 Ways to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck

by Nadia Harper
( site author)

I am all about this… If you are going to do something, do it in the way that you get the most benefit from it.

I love doing things that increase my health potential, that help me to feel absolutely great.

I love even more when those things are effortless and fun.


I LOVE when I can tweak things in a way that helps me to get even more health benefits without any extra effort… now that is what I call getting the most bang for my buck.

Here are 5 example of ways to tweak things, of ways to ‘get the most bang for your buck’. Gonna do that thing anyway? Do it this way and without any extra effort you have just multiplied the benefit you get from that same action!!!

  • Drinking water? Don’t just drink plain water, add something nourishing to it. This will enhance your body’s ability to make good use of the water. Add some fresh lemon juice, or a touch of raw organic apple cider vinegar, or a piece of seaweed, or a few muddled blueberries, or … for a ton of other great ways to add pizzazz to your water, click here.
  • Getting sun? Do some meditation while out there. Do some sungazing while out there. Connect to the Earth while out there (instead of sitting on a plastic lounge chair, sit on the grass or the sand). It is essential to get naked sun on your skin daily, while out there, why not do a bit of something else too?
  • Exercising? Listen to an audio lecture while you
    do it. Watch a documentary while you do it. Do it with friends so you get that social connection in at the same time. Do it outside so you also get some sun. Exercise in itself is amazing, these tips can make it even more so!
  • Doing anything at all? Create great posture while doing it. Doing dishes, working at the computer, standing in line at the bank, going to the toilet. talking on the phone, etc. … Check in with your posture and straighten it up! Good posture keeps the energy flow going nicely. Feeling blocked up in any part of your life? Give some attention to this one.
  • Sleeping at night? Make the room dark, move electronics out of the room and create good airflow (ceiling fan or open window). You are sleeping anyway… doing these things will help that sleep to be deeper and more restful so that your body can more easily and efficiently do all the many things during sleep that are necessary to keep you at your best.

Remember, you have a choice about so many things you do each minute of each day. Watch your thoughts, watch your actions, watch your choices. Make better and better ones as you move forward.

You are a work of art, and the choices you make are the brush strokes that are creating the masterpiece that is you.

I know I am not the only one that thinks this way... do you have some tips of ways that you 'get the most bang for your buck' when doing healthy activities? Share in the comments below.

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Jul 01, 2015
I do this too!
by: Anonymous

So great, right? Why not do it this way?

More benefit from the same amount of minutes.

This is how we become superheroes - doing this kinda stuff!

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