5 Free Things We All have Access to but Many Rarely Use

by Nadia Harper

Do you want to be more healthy and successful? Do you feel like it costs too much to be healthy? Well, here are 5 absolutely free things that everyone has access to - but that many rarely use.

  • 1. Sunshine: It's free and it generously covers our planet every day. It also contains essential life-giving nutrients. But too many of us slather our skins with toxic creams, lotions and cosmetics and we don't get outside enough. For the amount of time that is adequate for your body type, GET OUTSIDE AND EXPOSE YOUR NAKED SKIN AND EYES TO THE SUN.
  • 2. Oxygen: Again, it's free and it generously covers our planet. But many of us breathe so shallow that we don't fill our lungs and feed our cells enough. And too many of us exist indoors and in cities breathing polluted air. GET OUTSIDE INTO NATURE AND BREATHE DEEPLY.
  • 3. Movement: We have become a very sedentary nation. Modern conveniences mean that we sit and lay down more than we move while we are awake. It is not meant to be this way. This sluggishness causes emotional and physical challenges that are at epidemic levels. MOVE YOUR BODY.
  • 4. Stillness: All animals enjoy quiet meditative moments when awake - many of us humans no longer do this. These moments are essential to stay balanced and to stay in tune with our instincts and to hear subtle messages. MEDITATE DAILY.
  • 5. Grounding: This means to touch the Earth with your body. Many of us spend all our days wearing shoes, walking on pavement, staying indoors. The Earth is our biggest source of energy that grounds and supports us. Connecting with the planet will keep you grounded, more focused and more balanced. WALK BAREFOOT ON THE EARTH, HIKE AND TOUCH THE ROCKS AND THE TREES.. SIT OR LIE ON THE EARTH.

Each one of these things is absolutely free and readily available to all.

Take advantage of the abundance that surrounds you - use it - it is there just for you and your health.

By doing the things listed above on a regular basis you will increase your health, wellbeing and success ... and you will have a positive influence on all those around you.

For things that are absolutely free, this is a great deal.

Go for it ... you are worth it!

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Apr 19, 2012
Well Said
by: Jergen

Very Nice ... I do all of these things - wish everyone did.

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