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Testimonials from around the world; what others are saying about this site, the free e-course, personal consultations and more.

I often get beautiful messages from visitors to this site and on this page I wanted to share some of these with you.

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Thank you to all that have expressed these sentiments - your kind words are greatly appreciated and they mean so much to me.

Website Testimonials

Thank you Nadia, you give empowerment with the knowledge you share through your e-zine, FB and person to person. It is such a pleasure to call you and John friends. I'm personally inspired by your generosity and inspirations, blessings to you and yours dear friend!

Thank you so very much, Nadia, for your website.  I have just become acquainted with your email magazine and e-courseI am so vert grateful to you for putting in your time and your effort to help us. You have shined a light on my path so that I may take the next step. - Peace,  Linda, USA

Hi Nadia! So after seeing those lovely pictures of the master tonic being filled with love and moon energy (You can see those pictures here), I had to know more about this person! I just looked at your website, and I just wanted to say how awesome I think it is! Your website is wonderful, and brimming with such great info! I can't wait to get the monthly newsletter! I just really wanted to say thanks! Have a great day, love and light, - Colleen, Canada

Thank you for designing this website to give myself and others an opportunity to look at our lifestyle choices. This will help us to start making some positive changes for ourselves and, through this, positive changes for the world around us. - John, USA

I love your website, have just added your Holistic Health Blog to my homepage to get all your updates every time I get on the web. You even have a homemade toothpaste recipe - so cool! Thanks for all your tips and health advice, I feel like I have my own personal health trainer right here with me guiding me to a better and healthier life. - Darlene, Japan

With intelligence and grace, you have steered clear of the meaningless and misguided trappings of our modern society and embarked upon a purposeful and constructive path which leads to the discovery of the true inner self. Healthy Living is an omnibus term which encompasses so much and is a necessary condition for a meaningful life, one which is in perfect harmony with nature. - Rod, Canada

What a beautiful website have I found! :) I appreciate everything you do to bring people closer to nature. It is something I will try to do as well. So far, I have only managed to keep myself and my husband involved, with my natural discoveries haha :). I loved the lip balm recipe you have posted, I can't wait to make it! I made a blunder today and used Annato seeds to colour red, but it turned out orange. And I have a beautiful orange lip gloss. I think I'll keep it lol :). I wish you all the best! - Lavi, UK

Your website is wonderful, thank you for sharing. - Yosilda, USA

It was inspiring and motivating to continue the journey both at physical and emotional ways. I felt Nadia being an experienced person in the well-being aspect has an extra skill to say deep meaning sentences (those which dwell you in an aspect of spiritual, mental health) in a very simple form. Thanks a million for your very yogic attitude by kindly helping people!!! - Ann, India

About Personal Health Consultations

Dear Nadia,

Thanks so much for your time, energy and information.  It felt like the time was so very well filled in our discussion!  I learned a lot and feel like I gained several new tools and practices today that will be easy to incorporate over time to improve and enhance what I’m already doing.

Have a wonderful day, I look forward to connecting again :)

In appreciation,

Anna - USA

I am very fortunate to have found Nadia as my health advisor! Her consultations are life changing, with each one being uniquely yours. She has an amazing scope and depth of information on all topics related to health and wellbeing. All of my questions were answered in great detail. She helped me to rethink my eating, breathing, cleaning, exercising and sleeping habits. An hour spent with Nadia will redirect your lifestyle in more beneficial ways that you could not have ever imagined. - Barbara, USA

Thank you Nadia,

I find you inspiring, knowledgeable & easy to talk to.

Barbara, USA

Dear Nadia, This was an amazing session. You have sorted all my questions so far and  I feel much more confident and sorted to make better choices. I am sure all this will work. I will apply to all, right away! Hope for the best. - Rushika, Dubai

Dear Nadia,

Thanks so much for the wonderful session and the email with all those helpful notes and recipes that I can't wait to try. I feel so positive and capable of doing it all. You are so inspiring and lovely. I feel so privileged to have spoken to you and am so excited about the future. Thanks again and a big hug.

Warm regards

Dianne, New Zealand

Nadia has a head full of so much information and a heart full of love that makes her very easy to talk with. During my consultation with her I learned so many little things that I can do to be healthier. Also, I was grateful that she took into account my present lifestyle and what I could change now. It was very personalized and appropriate for me and my life and very inspiring to talk with her. - Darlene, Japan

Thank you for the time we spent together. Our consultation was a big eye opener into my food habits and how I could improve them for my general well being. I hope to make more of an effort to enjoy life in a healthy way! - Hadija, UK

Dear Nadia,

It was wonderful to meet and talk with you - wish we lived closer and could take a walk and chat!

You have a great spirit. Your compassionate nature is so well complemented by an articulate and well informed presentation, and I felt very encouraged after our talk. I've just been too hard on myself for too many years. Being gentle with myself - rings a bell!

Many thanks, Kathleen, USA

Hi Nadia
I just wanted to thank you for a great session. You make it easy to change habits with your suggestions and you are so very clear with how to do things. I really appreciate your help. 
Thank you
Cheers, Freya, Australia

I have had the pleasure of working with Nadia for a number of years. Nadia has provided me with personal consultations and also for my clients. Her style and approach is very holistic and supportive of her clients and allows you to be informed to make wise choices without feeling you are being told what you should or shouldn't be doing or eating. I have nothing but the highest regard for Nadia's knowledge and professionalism and would not hesitate to endorse her as a consultant or as a co-facilitator when working with groups on their well-being. Thank you Nadia for working with me and consulting me, my family and clients. - Earl, UK

It was great to talk to you and thank you for sharing your knowledge to help me take responsibility for my wellbeing consistently. Fantastic mail, thank you for sharing your knowledge. The information you shared is fantastic and again thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. - Paul, UK

About the 7-Day Free Holistic Health e-Course

I absolutely love the 7 day E-Course! It has really opened my mind about about a lot of things. I would do it again in a heart beat. So sad that it's only 7 days. - Mayra

This is great, thank you!  I enjoyed taking this course. It is going to improve my health and total well being. I know I must continue on this new journey and certain people will need to be cut from my life. - Patricia

Hi Ms Nadia Harper,
Thank you very much for the 7-Day Holistic Health Free E-course DAY 7.
It has been very useful and informative.  I really appreciated it!
I think people like you who devote their time to educate and help others to improve thier lives are amazing - With much gratitude, Nath, Seychelles

Thank you so much for sharing! I loved your course! Peace be with you! - Denise

I have enjoyed this course.  I will continue to learn from this course.  I plan to spend 1/2 hour each day learning about healthy choices.  Making Healthy Choices site has lots to offer.  I plan on spending more time exploring the information.  Thank you once again. - Lindy, USA

I found this little e-course inspiring! I know most of this stuff but I don't implement half of it & sometimes forget this. I'm making small changes & learning more & more daily. THANK YOU FOR sharing.. Some courses/books are overwhelming, I love how simple yet both inspiring & informative this is! THANK YOU again - Shorouk, Kuwait

Your 7-Day Holistic Health e-course was great!! I am already on the path to health (with a few ups and downs along the way). Going through the 7 days was a reinforcement to me that I am doing the right things on my own journey. It was very cathartic to go through my bathroom and to get rid of all the products that are laden with chemicals and substances detrimental to my on-going quest for health. I had been wanting to do this but was putting it off. So, thank you for the push!! :o) Your course helps me to think about my choices and to make the best ones for me. And, your website is one that I have bookmarked as educational and informational!! - Karen H.

Thank you for all the e-mails and advice, Nadia. What I have so appreciated about the Well Being Week [aka Holistic Health e-Course] is not only the very excellent and sensible advice but also that it so clearly comes from someone who really cares and that makes such a difference. When I have spoken with you I have felt as if I am talking to a friend and not someone I have never even met. Helping people to make sensible choices and caring for ones body properly is so just so important. After all 'the body is the temple for the soul'. - Antoinette, UK

This week was needed desperately! Thank you for your time, help and wisdom. I have lots to work on and feel energized by your emails. I’ve been trying to implement these changes in my life, no easy task! I feel that I’m in control of myself to make these changes because of the excellent information you’ve shared with me and my being open to it.  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been so wonderful this past week with tips and advice I was in desperate need to get. The timing was amazing to me, and I am working (have already started) to put all this information into practical use. I have put your health website on my favorites list and will be checking in on a regular basis. So much information, but I am not overwhelmed just more enlightened. I told a friend how much I loved the week with you and I know she will enjoy it too. Thank you so much for all your help. - Mary, USA

Thank you for your help and advice this week...real food for thought ! It is the first event of this type I have taken part in, and whilst normally skeptical (and perhaps slightly scared) of this type of thing I am finding it really useful. Firstly, let me thank you for taking time to write a personalised email, and for your helpful and very good advice (you are very wise). I am very touched by your advice on getting older, 'living for today' struck a real chord with me. - Ian, UK

I am forever grateful for all of your efforts in extending your passion, knowledge, and inspiration willfully! Not only has your website contributed greatly to my journey in awakening to ethical consumerism several months ago, but this course offered fun, insightful and seemingly individualized support that I do not have otherwise. This was a great introduction for someone who has the desire to make healthy changes; you provide excellent resources! I look forward to engaging in future holistic health activities to keep me focused! - Kim

Thanks a lot for all your kind words of love and support. That is sweet of you. I read all the emails you sent. You certainly have a wealth of knowledge on these topics, and is so nice of you to share all the information with us and with others. - K & Z, Canada

I am enjoying to read your emails.  The information you are writing is so important but people often forget about it.  Thanks for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for giving us so much good information during this week. I somehow feel more energetic and lively. And Congratulations!! What you are doing is helping so many people. I am so proud of you. Thanks again!! - Naomi, Japan

Thanks kindly for all of the great tips this week. You provided a lot of great information/inspiration and I will keep them on hand and review some more in the near future. - Kerry, Canada

I very much enjoyed reading all your wonderful, helpful advice/suggestions/recommendations for a healthier lifestyle. Am keeping in my email health folder for reference. Katy- USA

Very impressive course! I enjoyed it and found it encouraging, positive, gentle, do-able. - Anna, Canada

Thank you so much Nadia, I truly enjoyed this course and look forward to doing it again next year. It was easy to read, simple to follow and packed with practical information, again, thank-you so so so much! - Deloris, Canada

Thank you for the 7-day course. What an eye opener and how enlightening this week has been. I truly want to thank you for taking the time to give me this opportunity to look at every aspect of my life at the moment. Hope you keep up all the good work. I am passing on this course to my kids, hope they also learn something from all this wealth and inspiration. All the best to you and keep up the good work! - Alicia, Canada

I am forever grateful for all of your efforts in extending your passion, knowledge, and inspiration willfully! Not only has your website contributed greatly to my journey in awakening to ethical consumerism several months ago, but this course offered fun, insightful and seemingly individualized support that I do not have otherwise. This was a great introduction for someone who has the desire to make healthy changes; you provide excellent resources! I look forward to engaging in future holistic health activities to keep me focused! - Kim

Thank you so much for this course. I found it very inspiring. I'm familiar with healthy eating and lifestyle. I know how to prepare my meals in advance and I know that I feel my very best when I'm exercising and eating those foods that fuel my body with energy to live a productive life.

My problem is I'm in a low place. I have not been doing the things that I know to do for the last few months. And I must say I feel terrible. Your course has helped me to awaken from this slumber, now I must begin to press through this wall and take care of me. Even though I have the knowledge to feel better, I just didn't know where to start. Your program has help me to know that I can start one day at a time.

I appreciate your work and for helping me to acknowledge that I can break this rut. I will continue to visit your website for more helpful information. - Kimberly

Thank You!

Thanks again to all of you who have shared, your words truly inspire me!

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