Eco Friendly Products

by Nadia Harper

Make healthy choices in all the things that you buy. Consider, not only your own health but the health of;

  • -the planet
  • -other people that make what you are buying
  • -those living near the factory that makes what you are buying

These issues are real and if you are not shopping smart for eco friendly products you are contributing to an already unhealthy situation.

Below is a really great video (less than 10 minutes long) explaining the hidden costs of products we may buy.

It is not always easy to walk into a store and know which products are the healthiest for me, the planet and those making it.

Well the wonderful people over at Good Guide have done the groundwork for us.

Visit Good Guide to find safe, healthy, green and ethical products based on scientific ratings.

As much as you can, shop local and buy things made with organic and/or sustainable ingredients and components.

To read more about buying healthy clothing, click here.

Does all this apply to food?

It is well known that organic fruits and vegetables are better for our bodies. But there is more to it than that.

Buying foods grown with pesticides means that people working in those fields are exposed to those dangerous chemicals for hours on end, day after day. And the toxic run off from fields sprayed with chemicals ends up in the water system which affects so many more.

We Vote With Our Money

For many companies, money is the most important factor they consider.

Every time you spend money on their product you send a clear message to them to create more of that product.

The more we buy eco friendly products (healthy for us, others and the planet) the more these products will show up.

The more we all avoid health damaging and environmentally damaging products the quicker these will disappear.

Be aware when you shop;

Keep it local, keep is sustainable, keep it healthy .. and shop second hand as much as possible.

Browse our SHOP WITH AWARENESS or do a QUICK PRODUCT SEARCH HERE where I have a continually growing list of products we use and recommend.

You can find some other helpful resources here.

Comments for Eco Friendly Products

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Feb 01, 2012
by: john

I thought this was very thought provoking and I'm hopeful that others will also find it so. I totally agree that we vote with our money. If all we would spend money on is organic, eco-friendly products than that is what would be mostly available for all of us. It isn't a question of is it available, it is a question of how much of a desire we are showing to the manufacturers out of everything we buy. They are going to continue to produce what they feel they can make the most profit on. Let's convince them that the money is in eco-friendly products - by only buying these items or mostly buying these items.

Feb 01, 2012
Another Great Resource
by: Nadia

Below is another great resource that rates the health of cosmetic and skin care items

Combine this with the above Good Guide resource to make the best choices.

Wishing us all great health,

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