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Natural Organic Skin Care - Homemade RecipesJust a few of the products I make regularly

Natural organic skin care is a very important part of holistic health. Our skin is our biggest organ and through the many pores on the skin we absorb into our body and excrete out of our body.

Don't clog up the pores of your skin with chemicals and toxic substances. Know that so many of the beauty and skin care products that are sold today are riddled with unhealthy and potentially harmful ingredients.

This includes the detergents and dryer sheets that are used to wash clothes. If you wash your clothes and towels with toxic substances you are exposing your body to those harmful ingredients every time you touch those garments.

You have the choice of what to buy and what to put on your body. Stop buying unhealthy food to eat and stop buying unhealthy products to put on your body. It is really that simple.

On this page you will find a growing list of recipes for making your own natural organic skin care products:

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Don't put Anything on Your Body that You Wouldn't Want in Your Body

As I will show you on this site there are many ways to create your own homemade skin care and hair care products. Learn to make your own natural organic skin care products and learn simple and easy ways to keep your skin and hair healthy and glowing.

Use food and plants on the outside of your body. Feed your body from the outside in because what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body and your energy system.

Look at All the Products You Currently Use

Think of a typical day in your life and of all the things you put on your skin, hair and body (clicking below will take you to a natural organic alternative);

Many people use several of these products each and every day, slathering their bodies with hundreds of harmful chemicals over and over again.

What Is Really In Those Products?

Have you looked at the ingredients on these things? Would you ever choose to eat those ingredients? Well, then don't put them on your body either.

The toxic ingredients in these products are irritants to our bodies, many are known carcinogens and some have been implicated in reproductive, breathing and skin disorders.

The average person puts hundreds of different toxins in direct contact with their bodies every day. These toxins can accumulate in our bodies and can contribute to degenerative chronic disease.

Be aware that the terms 'natural' and 'organic' don't always mean its healthy for you. Companies are allowed to use these words in many vague ways so even if something on the shelf is marketed as a 'natural organic skin care' product, read the ingredients.

So Why are these Products on the Market?

Most companies are concerned with their bottom dollar... not your health.

That is the truth, and when you buy their products you help to keep them in business, you support them in making even more products that are unhealthy and harmful to us and the planet. The residues from these products enter our water system every time someone using them takes a shower.

So even if you aren't using any of these harmful products you can still be exposed to them through the water system. Therefore it is important to, not only stop using these yourself but to educate others as well.

Stop buying harmful products. Buy from companies that are only using healthy ingredients or make your own natural organic skin care items. If everyone stopped supporting unhealthy products those products would go away. They only exist because we buy them.

What Can I Do?

Take care of your skin, hair, teeth and nails by doing the following;

Natural Organic Skin Care Recipes and Body Care Recipes

Homemade skin care products are fun to make and rewarding to use or to share with others.

On the following pages, I will share many recipes and ideas for natural organic skin care products that I make at home. Also on these pages are advice and tips for holistic body care.

Try these as they are written or use them as inspiration to come up with your own ideas. You will save money, you will nurture your health and you will support the health of our planet.

As this site grows I will continually add to this list of homemade natural organic skin care, hair care and body care items. Keep checking back or Subscribe to this site to know when new recipes are added.

Hair Care Recipes/Protocols

Mouth and Dental Care Recipes/Protocols

For Your Face

For Your Hands

Body Care Recipes

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