Health Coaching

Health coaching is a chance for you to get a clear picture of where you are now, where you would like to be and ideas of how best to get there.

During your personal consultation calls I will listen to you and offer you nourishing guidance and suggestions while working together with you to find the ideas that will work the best for you right now.

What can You Expect from a Consultation?

You are your own best doctor and you know the most about what is going on in your body and in your life, therefore you play the biggest role during your consultation.

I will guide you in taking a detailed look at your current situation. I will work together with you to help you to raise awareness on the best, most efficient ways to increase your wellbeing on all levels.

Email and video calls make it possible for me to consult with you no matter where on the planet you live.

What Does it Cost to Use this Service?

There is no better thing to spend your money on than your own health and wellbeing, from this, all others will benefit.

Cost: $200US per hour (sessions usually last one hour)

Completing the form below will submit a request, after which you will receive payment information (payments accepted via PayPal) and some questionnaires to complete before your first health coaching call.

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I am very fortunate to have found Nadia as my health advisor! Her consultations are life changing, with each one being uniquely yours. She has an amazing scope and depth of information on all topics related to health and wellbeing. All of my questions were answered in great detail. She helped me to rethink my eating, breathing, cleaning, exercising and sleeping habits. An hour spent with Nadia will redirect your lifestyle in more beneficial ways that you could not have ever imagined. - Barbara, USA

Nadia has a head full of so much information and a heart full of love that makes her very easy to talk with. During my consultation with her I learned so many little things that I can do to be healthier. Also, I was grateful that she took into account my present lifestyle and what I could change now. It was very personalized and appropriate for me and my life and very inspiring to talk with her. - Darlene, Japan

Thank you for the time we spent together. Our consultation was a big eye opener into my food habits and how I could improve them for my general well being. I hope to make more of an effort to enjoy life in a healthy way! - Hadija, UK

I have had the pleasure of working with Nadia for a number of years. Nadia has provided me with personal consultations and also for my clients. Her style and approach is very holistic and supportive of her clients and allows you to be informed to make wise choices without feeling you are being told what you should or shouldn't be doing or eating. I have nothing but the highest regard for Nadia's knowledge and professionalism and would not hesitate to endorse her as a consultant or as a co-facilitator when working with groups on their well-being. Thank you Nadia for working with me and consulting me, my family and clients. Kind regards, - Earl