Hand Sanitizer Spray
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Hand Sanitizer Spray

Make hand sanitizer spray with this easy recipe below. All natural, non-toxic and healthy for you and the environment.

Hand sanitizers have become very popular over the last years. With advertising campaigns convincing people that it is necessary to continually sanitize your hands and everything that you touch.

The store shelves are now full of hand sanitizer sprays in bottles of all shapes and sizes, many people carrying a bottle with them everywhere they go.

But is all this hand sanitization really necessary?

And are all the hand sanitizers sold in stores made with healthy ingredients?

The answer is no.

The Overuse of Hand Sanitizers

Everything fights for survival - even germs and viruses.

If you continually bombard your system with synthetic antibacterials you will be creating an environment where the creation of superbugs may exist... superbugs that won't respond to conventional medicines.

The overuse of synthetic hand sanitizers disrupt our own bodies defense mechanisms against invaders by, not only, affecting the acid mantle on our skin but also affecting our immune system.

Are Hand Sanitizers Unhealthy?

Many commercial hand sanitizers contain unhealthy and potentially damaging ingredients including triclosan, fragrances and propylene glycol.

Follow the rule of thumb that goes for all your skin care items (including hand sanitizers);

Don't put anything on your body that you wouldn't want in your body.

If you can't pronounce the ingredients listed and you don't know what those items are, be wary. Everything you put on your skin ends up in your body too.

Make use of the EWG website where you can look up many popular brands and see how healthy they are rated as well as reading more about each ingredient listed.

Many of these commercially made hand sanitizers will affect the good bacteria we have living within us all - the stuff that keeps us healthy. If those good guys get destroyed, everything else our body tries to do to keep us well becomes harder.

Our skin has a natural acid mantle that is one of our bodies defense mechanisms. Continually using synthetic hand sanitizers will compromise this acid mantle thereby disabling one of your own natural defenses against germs and other outside invaders - the exact opposite of the purpose of sanitizing!!

But Isn't it Necessary to Sanitize our Hands?

My answer to this is, everything must be done in balance.

Too much of anything can be bad, even a good thing.

Keep yourself clean but don't go overboard and avoid anything that isn't made with healthy, natural and organic ingredients.

Our bodies are constantly trying to keep us in balance, by overusing hand sanitizers you throw off the balance your body is fighting to keep.

How to Sanitize the Healthy Way

Use a hand sanitizer spray like the one in the recipe below.

Or shop for one that is made with only healthy ingredients.

Do not overuse your hand sanitizer spray.

Recipe for a Healthy Hand Sanitizer Spray

Hand Sanitizer Spray Containers

Below is a hand sanitizer that you can easily make at home.

Because this is made with all natural and organic ingredients and is an alcohol free hand sanitizer it;

  • won't dry your skin
  • has a naturally wonderful fragrance
  • promotes health within your body
  • has an uplifting and relaxing affect on your mood
  • purifies the air around you
  • is safe and non-toxic


In a 1/2 oz spray bottle (like the ones pictured above) add; Hand Sanitizer Spray Ingredients

Shake well before each use.

Spray once into the palm of one hand and rub hands together.

Hand Sanitizer Spray

Bring your hands to your nose and inhale deeply. This allows you to further benefit from the healthy effects of the essential oils.


Add the tea tree essential oil.

Then add 7 drops of Yling Ylang essential oil and top up with good quality water.

Yling ylang provides a wonderfully soft floral essence.


Add the tea tree essential oil.

Then top up with lemongrass hydrosol instead of water.

Enjoy this gorgeous lemony scented hand sanitizer spray.


Use different combinations of your favourite essential oils to create the scent that you love.

Try using the Thieves Oil Blend for a very effective hand sanitizer.

Be sure to only use good quality therapeutic grade essential oils.


Essential Oils are amazing to have on hand. They have a variety of uses including being added to many of your homemade products. Essential oils are the oil extracted from a plant by steam distillation. They are pure and highly concentrated and, so, a very little goes a long way. With essential oils always be sure to purchase from a trusted source and get oils that are therapeutic grade. I buy many of my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs and am always impressed with their high quality. Essential oils are antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibiotic which make them ideal for many applications from cosmetics to medicines to cleaning products. Adding them to your products will also help to preserve and extend the life of your homemade creations.

Lemongrass Hydrosol has antidepressant qualities and helps to promote mental alertness. There are also antiseptic, antioxidant and astringent properties present. And most easily noticed are its amazing beautiful aromatic tones.

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