How to Use Meyer Lemons

How to use Meyer lemons - when life gives you over 200 Meyer lemons, here is what you can do!  

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What is a Meyer Lemon?

Meyer lemons are a citrus fruit.

Meyer lemons are slightly sweeter than regular lemons. They have a smoother softer rind than regular lemons and that rind has a more mild flavour.

Nadia with Meyer Lemon HarvestHere I am with this amazing Meyer lemon harvest that we just picked!

Benefits of Lemons

Lemons have been used through the ages.  They are widely used in drinks, sweet and savory dishes.

Here are just a few of the ways that make lemons amazing:

  • hydrating
  • cleansing
  • alkalizing
  • aids digestion
  • anti-septic
  • antimicrobial
  • helpful in alleviating the colds and flu
  • breaks up and helps to expel mucous
  • helpful against parasites
  • supports liver and gallbladder function
  • great source of vitamin C

Meyer Lemons

How to Use Meyer Lemons

So Many Ways to Use Meyer Lemons!So Many Ways to Use Meyer Lemons!

Lemon Water in the Morning

Most mornings I drink a big glass of lemon water before I eat or drink anything else.  This is like a shower for the inside of your body!

After sleeping (not eating or drinking anything for several hours) your body loves to get hydrated and it also loves to eliminate waste material.  Lemon water will greatly help with both of these!

Thinking of how to use Meyer lemons?  If you do nothing else, do this - a nice big glass of lemon water when you wake up!

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