Thieves Oil Recipe

Thieves OIl Recipe

Thieves oil is an ancient blend of oils that is extremely protective against viruses and bacteria.

This is a wonderfully easy remedy that you can easily make at home once you have obtained the ingredients (see below).  Use this, not only as a remedy when sick, but as a remedy that helps to keep you healthy, purify the air you breathe and sanitize your body and your home.

There is legend and lore that surrounds this recipe.

What is the Legend?

The story goes something like this;

A long long time ago, during the time of the plague there was a small group of four thieves.  These men were essentially grave robbers.  They would enter the homes of the dead or dying and steal whatever they wanted.

When they were eventually caught, the authorities questioned them as to how they were able to be amongst highly contagious and fatally ill people without getting sick themselves.

They answered that they created this blend and rubbed it all over their clothes and bodies and that it protected them and kept them healthy and well while they went about their thievery.

Hence the name 4 Thieves Oil or Thieves Blend.

Is the story true?  I don't know.

Is this the authentic recipe?  I don't know.

What I do know is that this story and this recipe (or versions of this recipe) have been passed down through the years and is, today, widely known.

Does it Really Work?

All good quality essential oils have properties that are anti-bacterial and  anti-viral.  They contain many other amazing properties as well, with each individual oil having its own unique profile.

This blend is very effective and, better than that, there are no nasty, toxic chemicals involved or bizarre side effects from using it.

This is a completely natural way to create a blend that is useful in so many ways.

How Do You Use Thieves Oil?

  • Hand Sanitizer:  Follow the recipe as directed but substitute the Four Thieves Blend for the other essential oils.
  • Fabric, Clothing, Furniture, Bedding Spritz:  Put some of this Thieves Oil blend in a glass spray bottle with some water.  Use this to spritz your clothing, bedding, furniture etc.  This will sanitize everything you spray and leave it smelling great.  I carry a small 1/2oz glass spray bottle with me when I travel and use this method to spritz the hotel bedding before sleeping.  Great protection against any nasties hanging out in the hotel room and extra protection as I breathe in the scented oils as I sleep.  Note that the oils may leave residues on your fabric so you may want to test a small area first.
  • Room Freshener:  As above put some of the Thieves Blend in a glass spray bottle with water.  Spritz the air in any room you would like to freshen up.  This makes the air refreshed, sanitized and beautifully aromatic.  Nowadays indoor air pollution is greater than outdoors due to all the toxic chemicals people use inside.  This is a wonderful non-toxic, safe, healthy alternative that offers protection for your health as well.
  • Clean Your Home:  When using this Dusting Method, use the 4 Thieves Blend.  Your house will smell great and you will be sanitizing all the surfaces that you dust ... a wonderful addition to your homemade cleaning products.
  • Use in Your Whiffer:  These aromatherapy pendants are a must have!  We wear ours all the time and they are invaluable at purifying the air around you that you are breathing.  Use the Thieves Oil in your whiffer to carry all the ancient protection from the old legend with you.
  • Use in your Diffuser:  Do you use an essential oil burner or diffuser in your home or office?  Why not use the Thieves Oil in it?
  • Use in Massage Oil:  Put a few drops of the Thieves Blend in 4 oz of a good quality carrier oil such as almond, olive or coconut and enjoy massaging all over your body.
  • Use in your homemade lotions, salves, creams, etc.
  • Put a few drops in your bathtub to enjoy a beautifully aromatic soak that is not only relaxing but protective of your health as well.

Thieves Oil Recipe


Mix all oils in a dark glass bottle.  This is where I get all of my bottles.

Double or Triple the recipe to make as much as you need.

Now that you have your blend made, use in one of  the many ways described above.

Thieves Oil Ingredients

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