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Making-Healthy-Choices e-Zine #006 - Is what you wear healthy?
January 10, 2012

(January 2012 Issue #006 -

A fr*ee monthly newsletter to inspire you to be the healthiest, most vital and vibrant version of You!

A warm welcome to the Making-Healthy-Choices e-zine... Taking the time to focus on your health is the most important thing you can do - you are worth it!

In this month's e-Zine;

"Every person needs a retreat, a dynamo of silence, where he may go for the exclusive purpose of being newly recharged by the Infinite. " - Paramahansa Yogananda

Happy New Year

First off I would like to take this opportunity to wish you blessings, love, happiness and health for this beautiful new year and beyond.

We are now into the second week of this gorgeous new year and that got me to thinking about how everyone who has made resolutions is doing.

Are you trying to make healthier choices this new year?

Here are three things that, I hope, can help to keep you inspired and motivated to reach your goals.

  • Make a Healthy Choice Program: Deciding to make healthier choices is one thing. Figuring out how to go about that is another. It really helps to have a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be. This is like a road map to get you where you are going... it is always easier to stay on track if you have a map to guide you. This page will provide a clear and easy guideline to follow to help you to make those healthier choices. It will give you tips and techniques to get started and to stay on track.
  • 7-Day Holistic Health Course: I have mentioned this one before and will mention it here again as so many are finding it truly beneficial. With a deeper understanding of what is healthy and what is not, you will find it easier to make changes in a way that doesn't feel like sacrifice. This is a completely free e-course that helps you to remember and become more aware of what it means to make healthier choices.
  • Personal Health Consultations: Because we could all do with some extra help, advice and guidance sometimes. If, at any time, you feel like you could benefit from some personalized guidance this may be just the thing for you. Making a New Year's resolution is great but turning that into a long-term lifestyle habit is often more challenging. In a personal consultation, I will work together with you to help you to clearly see where you are now, where you would like to be and the best, most efficient ways to start getting there.

Improvement is a life-long task ... not something to be just thought about on Jan 1st and then slowly forgotten again until the next new year. My hope for you is that you can continue to get closer and closer to your positive potentials every moment of your life.

I am deeply passionate about doing this in my own life and helping you to do this in yours.

Be everything you were always meant to be ... You are worth it!

Ingredients in Your Clothing

I talk a lot about knowing the ingredients in the food you eat. Recently a good friend of mine reminded me of the importance of making good choices in the clothing we wear too. Just as with food, with clothing there are a lot of 'less than the best' options out there but if you take the time to look there are also so many great options.

Before you choose to acquire an article of clothing look at the tag to see what it is made from and where it was made.

Do your best to only buy natural fibers and to shop as local as possible.

By wearing natural fibers you will ensure that you are not bringing anything synthetic or toxic into your energy field. Synthetic fibers (such as acrylic and polyester) do not allow your skin to breathe properly, which can be toxic and irritating to your body.

Natural fibers are things such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk, bamboo and linen (you can also look for organic clothing).

Buying new clothing that was made in a far away locale is not good for our precious planet - there are just too many resources involved in bringing that item to a store near you.

Instead, buy local and choose things that are crafted right where you live or at least within your own country.

New clothing is often coated with anti-inflammatory sprays or other types of chemicals that protect the fabric during shipping but are toxic to our bodies. This is why it is always important to wash your new clothing with natural detergent before wearing.

One of the best things you can do is to buy your clothing used. Explore the many thrift shops, consignment stores and second hand shops in your area. Yard sales or garage sales are also great places to find amazing things. You may be surprised at the treasures you can find.

By doing this, you no longer have to worry about shopping local because this item was already bought by someone else. You no longer have to worry about the fabric being chemically treated at the factory because, most likely, this item has been washed several times already.

It is still important to look for only natural fibers and with natural fibers the more they are worn the softer and more comfortable they become so you will, once again, get more for your money.

Wherever you do acquire your clothing from; know the ingredients in the fabrics you are putting on your body, and make healthy choices!

Read more about buying eco-friendly products here .

Retreat for the Body, Mind and Soul

My beautiful friend, Earl Talbot, is a very skilled facilitator that has been leading retreats in Thailand for years. Last year I had the honour of assisting him with the 'Finding the Guru Within' retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

These retreats are simply amazing!! A fun and insightful journey to help you become more clear and focused on a physical and emotional level.

Would you like to join us this year? We would love to have you along!!

Not only will you be able to enjoy an incredible retreat experience but you will be able to do so in one of the most beautiful and loving places on the planet.

I have been to many retreats in my life and this is one that I highly recommend.

The retreat is from March 26 - April 1, 2012 so if you are interested please do let us know soon.

Click the link below to learn more about something that I have a feeling could be a life changing event for you.

Please see more at

2012 is a year of positive shifts and the things we work on during this retreat can help you to align with your own true positive potential.

Do consider it, and if it feels right for you ... Join us and Go For It!

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Next month: More quick and easy Holistic Health Tips and Information.

Until then, make healthy choices and be well!


Nadia Harper RHN
Holistic Nutritionist and Health Advisor
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