Vegetable Soup Recipe
Dehydrated Vegetables

Vegetable Soup Recipe

This vegetable soup recipe can be prepared ahead of time and then used as in instant soup mix, a trail mix or an add-on to many meals.

Make a large batch of this recipe, this beautiful vegetable soup mix, and then you will have it on hand to use for so many things. You can;

  • make vegetable soup
  • use it in a trail mix recipe
  • sprinkle it on salads
  • add it to other soups or sauces
  • take it with you when travelling, camping or hiking for a great snack or an instant soup meal

Here is a picture of me making a cup of soup in the airport during a recent trip. This picture has sparked quite a conversation over on Facebook - check it out here.

Healthy Travel Food

Simply take raw organic vegetables of your choice, cut them up into small pieces, dehydrate (I use an Excalibur Dehydrator) them completely and then store the mixture in an air tight glass jar until you are ready to use it.

Chopping Vegetables Vegetables in Dehydrator

Vegetables in Dehydrator

It is incredible how much flavour these little dehydrated morsels retain! And if dried and stored properly this mix has a nice long shelf life.

Vegetables in Dehydrator Vegetables in Dehydrator

Vegetables in Dehydrator

Use whatever vegetables are fresh, in season and sound good to you. Some ideas of what you can use in this vegetable soup recipe include;

Vegetable Soup Mix

  • cauliflower
  • cabbage
  • onions
  • garlic
  • parsley
  • celery
  • mushrooms
  • bell peppers
  • seaweed
  • carrots, etc.

Once dehydrated and mixed together you can then add some spices before storing in an air tight glass jar.

Dehydrated Vegetables Dehydrated Vegetables

Vegetable Soup Mix

Some of the spices I have added before storing in a glass jar are;

Vegetable Soup Recipe Mix

  • thyme
  • dill
  • cilantro
  • chilies
  • curry spice mix
  • sea salt
  • paprika, etc.

Making Vegetable SoupTo rehydrate back into soup, simply pour a little of the vegetable mix into a bowl or cup and add hot water, let sit for a minute and then enjoy a tasty serving of warm vegetable soup.

For added flavour you can add a drizzle of olive oil or hot chili oil before serving.

In our home we often serve this soup with homemade raw crackers.

Vegetable Soup Recipe

Have fun with this vegetable soup recipe - this is a great way to use up an abundance of vegetables if you have more than you can use. It's also a great way to buy in season and then still be able to benefit from a harvest later in the year, especially through a long winter.

Looking for another great raw vegan soup recipe? How about Cream of Mushroom Soup?

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