by Surbhi Kanur

The term Asthma is a pretty common nowadays! It is basically a disease that targets the airways that help in carrying air in and out of the lungs.

With an asthmatic attack, the walls of the airways get swollen and causing narrowing of the airways. Difficulty in breathing is experienced and the person is susceptible to any sort of an allergic reaction.

Asthma can be simply divided into two kinds-Allergic and Non-allergic. When we talk about people who suffer from an allergic condition, it means the asthmatic attack is triggered by allergens in the atmosphere. Non-allergic triggers are generally related to stress, exposure to extreme weather conditions and even a simple cold or flu.

Children tend to lose out on a lot of their academics by not attending school because of asthma. This can further lead these children to depression and being under confident. Over the decades more and more people are having difficulty in breathing due to asthma. The triggers can be many but how to deal with them is important so that you can reduce the frequency of the attacks. Did you know that cockroaches, dust mites and even pollen can cause asthma? It is true! Therefore keep an eye on these factors that cause asthma.

Many people resort to inhalers to get relief and stop the shortness of breath caused by an asthmatic attack. The question to ask yourselves is, 'Is it the right kind of medication to take for a long period of time?'.

Don’t worry because there are a number of other ways to deal with asthma apart from steroids. Home remedies for asthma treatment are by far a great way to treat this illness and everyone should consider trying out some fabulous remedies that you can make easily at the comfort of your home.

The cause of asthma can be studied as follows:
The very cause of asthma is still unknown and doctors are trying to figure out whether genes play a role in this decease.
1. Environmental causes: Pollution in the air, dust or even drastic climatic changes can trigger an asthmatic attack.
2. It is found that some people are more prone to allergies when compared to others.
3. Stress: Stress is another factor that can cause asthma and many people fall prey to stressful situations.

Let us look at
some of the symptoms of asthma listed below for a better understanding of this breathing ailment:
1. Cough: People suffering from asthma experience continuous cough that can last for quite some time. It can get very tiring for them as well.
2. Breathing difficulty: This is the most common symptom that asthmatic patients go through. Shortness of breath can be a serious concern is it lasts for a long time. People suffering from an asthmatic attack should visit their nearest doctor.
3. Wheezing: People with asthma generally wheeze while breathing. A sort of a whistling noise comes from the chest especially when the patient exhales. This again is a common symptom in asthma.
On the whole, people suffering from this ailment that effects the airways, should take extra precautions when outdoors or even while eating certain things that can trigger an asthmatic attack.

I’m sure you all must be eagerly waiting for some home remedies that can help you cure this breathing problem from the root. Listed below are some amazing home remedies that will definitely give you relief:

Ingredients: 2-3 cloves and milk.
STEP 1: Take half a cup of milk and add 2-3 cloves into the milk.
STEP 2: Now bring the milk to a boil for a few minutes.
STEP 3: Once the milk cools down, consume it in order to get relief from asthma.

Ingredients: Mustard oil and camphor.
STEP 1: Take a little bit of mustard oil and add some camphor to it.
STEP2: Now heat up this oil and once it is comfortably warm, massage this mixture onto your chest and back for relief from asthma. You will definitely find some relief. Do try out this fantastic home remedy.

Pomegranate juice, ginger juice and honey.
STEP 1: Pour about half a cup of pomegranate juice into a glass.
STEP 2: Now add in half a cup of ginger juice into the glass as well. Then add in one tablespoon of honey to the mixture and stir it well.
STEP 3: You can consume one tablespoon of this concoction 2-3 times a day to get rid of asthma. It really works! Do try out this simple home remedy.

Develop stronger immunity and keep asthma at bay with these effective home remedies that are mentioned above.


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Jul 06, 2016
An Alternative to Milk
by: Nadia (website author)

Thank you Surbhi Kanur for your contribution to our site! You have shared some great information that I am sure many will find helpful

With regards to milk; because much of the milk today in our modern world is pasteurized, has other things added to it (from the cow's diet and any antibiotics/hormones they are given) and may come from cows that unfortunately may not be living a happy life ... many of our readers may choose to avoid this as it can be quite inflammatory in the body.

A great alternative would be to use coconut milk, almond milk or any other well made nut/seed milk.

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