Feel better and younger than I have in years

by Paul

I always thought I was a pretty healthy eater and a pretty healthy guy. But when I really stopped to look at my food I was amazed at how many toxic and unhealthy ingredients were in the food I was eating. Living in a city, eating at restaurants and buying food meant that a ton of preservatives and other crap was in the food I was eating.

Also, being in the city meant that I wasn't really breathing the best air and I certainly wasn't communing with nature very much. I exercised some but not that much.

Anyway I didn't feel bad or unhealthy but I didn't really know how bad I was feeling until I did a cleanse for the first time last year. Doing a 7 day cleanse was amazing! I felt supercharged! I thought I felt great before but now I really know what feeling great is like.

My skin and eyes got so clear during the cleanse. And after the fogginess in my brain lifted it felt like my brain was working better too.

Everyone really needs to look at this... no medicines, no doctors, no hospitals. I think so many things can be prevented if people take the time to cleanse their bodies every once in a while.

It really works.

Thanks so much to the author of this site for getting this important information out there.

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Feb 26, 2011
It's such a gift, isn't it?
by: Nadia (author of this site)

Hi Paul,
Thanks for sharing! I agree with your comments and am so happy that you experienced the benefits of cleansing. What an absolutely amazing gift to give yourself!! I hope others can be inspired by you.
Thanks for taking the time to write and share your experience.
I am glad you like the site, please continue to visit and comment.
I wish you all the best,
Nadia Harper

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