Cleansing Detox Was Amazing

by John Harper

The cleansing detox was amazing. I wasn't sure what to expect but found it was not difficult for me.

I believe the kinship developed during the cleanse with the other participants helped with the process immensely.

There were some initial logistical issues with working with the colema but it worked perfectly every time.

I noticed a healthier color in my skin almost immediately and I also started to have more vivid dreams immediately as well.

I also noticed my appreciation for greens and fruit spiked quickly. When you get a lot of processed foods out of you and interrupt the ingestion of these products your cravings for them diminish rather quickly as well. Again, the group support and kinship I believe helped to make this process go smoothly.

I would certainly do it again. Doing this at an all inclusive spa I'm sure supported the process. I think the next time I'm going to try the 7 day cleanse.

I unconsciously tested the results of my cleanse by eating a donut, nachos with cheese and washing it down with chai with cow's milk a few days after I broke my fast and my body let me know quickly that these items are not the best for me.

I will incorporate cleansing my system periodically for the remainder of my life. Thanks to all who helped me along.

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May 01, 2011
by: Nadia (author of this site)

John, you completed a 3.5 day detox cleanse - congratulations! What a wonderful gift to give yourself. Doing a really good pre-cleanse and listening to your body, I am sure, helped you to have a great cleanse. Great you were able to feel the effects of eating less than healthy foods afterwards - all part of the process of getting more in tune with our bodies.

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