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From food and cleansing your body to cleaning your home naturally; Holistic Health is about you as a whole person and that includes choices made in all aspects of your daily life.

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The purpose of this website is to share with you tips, techniques and ideas that you can immediately use in your life to help you to be the healthiest, most vital and vibrant version of yourself. My goal is to help you to remember what it means to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Improvement is a life long task and there is no need to hurry to be perfect but there is a need to begin;

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Confucius

My hope is that you will find at least one idea on this site that you can implement in your life today to make yourself a healthier person.

If you feel overwhelmed by all the changes you want to make, go slowly, Nature is perfect in its design but it is not always quick. Our bodies are perfectly designed to be healthy and our job is to provide the right environment for our bodies to do their job.

Not sure where to start? This Free 7-day Holistic Health e-Course can get you on your way (also a great incentive builder if you are well on your way already).

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As this website grows, I will continually be adding information on many nourishing aspects of living a healthy life including;

I like to look back in time and see how people took care of themselves long before the widespread use of packaged foods, fast food outlets and so many synthetic medicines.

To learn from the ancient wisdom of our elders and ancestors is where the key to long term holistic health can be found. As Hippocrates said, 'Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food'.

Grandpa at 93 yrs old opening a coconut

This is a picture of my Grandfather, at age 93, opening a fresh coconut for me. He has been, and will always be, an inspiration of holistic health to me.


Below is a TABLE OF CONTENTS for this site. Within each page are further links to explore each topic in more detail. I wish you a wonderful journey through this site and hope that you find it enlightening and inspiring in some way.

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This holistic health course is a free 7-day e-course that can benefit anyone. Increase your awareness of your own holistic health by signing up for this course.
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Our holistic health store contains only items that we highly recommend and use in our own lives.
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Our holistic health store index helps you to quickly find and search for items in our store.
Holistic Health Site Blog
This holistic health site blog keeps you up to date with any additions and changes on the website. Subscribe here.
Health Blog - What's on My Mind about Health
My health blog, created to share random thoughts on health related subjects. Please read and share your comments.
How To Eat Healthy
Learn how to eat healthy and be healthier. Ideas to help you make that first step or your 100th step.
Healthy Food Recipes; Raw Food and Vegan Recipes
Try these healthy food recipes and have fun while improving your health. Most of these are raw and vegan... and absolutely delicious!
Raw Food List
This raw food list contains foods that are healthy and good for you. Learn the benefits of certain foods and recipes for using them.
Healthy Kitchen Tools (Appliances, Tools, etc.)
Obtain healthy kitchen tools, set up your kitchen and making healthy food will become easy, fun and magical.
Natural Cold and Flu Remedies
Natural cold and flu remedies exist that ease suffering and build health. These home remedies are easy to do and will keep toxic store bought medicines out of your body.
Natural Home Remedies
Natural home remedies exist for a variety of ailments and can help you feel better without using dangerous and toxic drugs.
Why and How to Detox Your Body
Information on why and how to detox your body.
Natural Organic Skin Care and Body Care - Homemade Recipes and Tips
Natural organic skin care and body care; homemade recipes and tips to be your most glowing and radiant self.
Attitude of Gratitude
Having an attitude of gratitude means maintaining a positive and loving connection with yourself, others and the world around you.
Homemade Cleaning Products
Using homemade cleaning products in your home will improve your health and provide a safe, non-toxic environment for you and your family.
Spring Cleaning Tips, Inside and Out
Spring cleaning tips; spring is the perfect time for cleaning your home and cleansing your body.
I Travel Because - How Traveling Benefits My Wellbeing
I travel because of the amazing things and people a journey will connect me with, both inwards and outwards.
Personal Consultation: Holistic Health Assessment
Personal consultation; holistic health assessment and health advice to help you help yourself to better health and wellbeing.
Testimonials and Feedback
Testimonials and feedback from around the world; what others are saying about this site, the free e-course, personal consultations and more.
Holistic Health Resources and Links
Trusted holistic health resources and links are listed here. This list is consciously vetted to include only ones that provide valuable and solid information.
Site Map
Use this site map to see an index of all pages and to easily navigate around this site.
Site Search; Easily Search this Site
Use site search to search for exactly what you are looking for.
Contributions from Readers (submissions from our readers)
All contributions from readers are indexed here. An index of every submission that readers like you have sent us.
About Me
About me, Nadia Harper, the author of and the purpose of this site.
How to Build a Website - How I Built This Site
How to build a website, an income generating website, easily and efficiently from home.
Contact Me
Contact me if you have any questions, comments or if you would like to book a holistic health consultation with me.
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"Thank you for designing this website to give myself and others an opportunity to look at our lifestyle choices.  This will help us to start making some positive changes for ourselves and, through this, positive changes for the world around us." - John, USA

"I love your website, have just added your Holistic Health Blog to my homepage to get all your updates every time I get on the web. You even have a homemade toothpaste recipe - so cool! Thanks for all your tips and health advice, I feel like I have my own personal health trainer right here with me guiding me to a better and healthier life." - Darlene, Japan

"With intelligence and grace, you have steered clear of the meaningless and misguided trappings of our modern society and embarked upon a purposeful and constructive path which leads to the discovery of the true inner self. Healthy Living is an omnibus term which encompasses so much and is a necessary condition for a meaningful life, one which is in perfect harmony with nature." - Rod, Canada