Healthy Teeth Tips:
How to Keep Your Teeth and Mouth Healthy and Clean

Health Teeth Tools

Follow these healthy teeth tips to have a beautiful bright smile that will light up a room! Your mouth will be healthy and clean too.

The health of your mouth, gums and tongue are all connected to the health of your teeth and so this page will give you direction on how to keep your entire your mouth clean and healthy.

Your mouth is the very beginning of you gastrointestinal (GI) tract and the health and cleanliness of your mouth is an indicator of the health throughout the rest of your GI tract. If your insides are healthy and clean your mouth is more likely to be as well.

So, the first healthy teeth tip to having clean white teeth and a healthy and fresh mouth is to eat a healthy diet. I can't stress this enough ... true beauty and health comes from the inside out. If you follow all the healthy teeth tips on this page but continue to eat a junky diet you will only be putting up barriers to having a truly beautiful smile, clean white teeth and a healthy mouth.

Your teeth are living parts of your body and they can heal just like any other part of your body can. Learning how to care properly for your teeth and providing the right environment for them to heal is essential. This means eating healthy foods and avoiding chemicals like fluoride. It is possible for our teeth to remineralize and heal but the constant use of fluoride will interrupt this process.

Good Hygiene Habits

Having good oral hygiene habits is very important. Our mouth is a very well used part of our body with most of us eating and drinking all day long. But keeping your mouth and teeth clean can be very easy without taking much time at all.

We all learned how to brush our teeth when we were young but, honestly, it takes more than that to get the job done. Read on for healthy teeth tips that are simple and can provide you with huge health benefits.

Follow these tips to;

  • have brighter whiter teeth
  • have less or no cavities
  • avoid gum disease and irritation
  • avoid bleeding gums
  • have a healthy tongue without a heavy white coating
  • have clean fresh breath, avoid bad breath and halitosis
  • have healthy alkaline saliva
  • maintain good throat health
  • heal any prevailing issues
  • and so much more...

Healthy Teeth Tips:

Here's What To Do

The following are my healthy teeth tips - what I do at home and how I make simple homemade products (completely natural and organic) that keep my teeth and entire mouth sparkling and healthy clean.

  • Tongue Scraping: Scraping my tongue is the first thing I do when I get up in the morning. Very important to get off all that your body has pushed to the surface overnight. There are many benefits to daily tongue scraping which you can read on our coated tongue page, here. To purchase a tongue scraper, click here.
  • Oil Pulling:  This is an ancient practice that is so easy to do and can have great benefits to your health and wellbeing.  Click to read more.
  • Mouth Rinses or Mouthwash: This is essential and great to do every single day. I keep at least 3 different bottles of my homemade mouthwashes or mouth rinses beside my sink. I will often rinse before and after brushing. Note that many mouthwashes you buy at the store contain alcohol, artificial colors, sweeteners and many other unhealthy ingredients. Those store bought mouthwashes can upset the pH balance of your mouth which can potentially cause all sorts of problems.
  • Brushing Your Teeth: Use a soft bristle brush or a NATURAL TOOTHBRUSH OR TOOTH STICK / CHEW STICK and be gentle. Use a stroke that begins at the base of your gum line and moves to the end of your tooth. No need to brush after every meal but your teeth should get a good cleaning (see protocol below) at least once a day. Use only a natural toothpaste or homemade toothpaste or sometimes just use water or even just a dry brush. When using a natural toothbrush, no toothpaste is necessary.
  • Toothpaste, Toothsoap or Tooth powder: When brushing your teeth, what do you use? I feel it is extremely important to avoid any unnatural and health damaging ingredients in any teeth cleaners you use (far too many commercial toothpastes contain these!). Your gums, tongue and the lining of your mouth are very conducive to absorbing anything you put in your mouth so be sure to use only the most natural things to clean your teeth and mouth. I make all my own toothpastes, toothsoaps and tooth powders, to see my homemade toothpaste recipes, click here.
  • Flossing is essential to ensure that no food particles remain stuck between your teeth and to keep the gums between your teeth massaged and healthy. I use this quick and handy extra strength flossing tip.
  • Toothpicking: Use a toothpick after eating when you don't have access to floss. A toothpick is a great tool to ensure that no food particles remain stuck between your teeth after you eat. If food particles remain stuck between your teeth they will begin to break down contributing to bad breath, tooth decay and gum irritations. I carry re-usable plastic toothpicks with me all the time and I take a few seconds after eating to go along the gum line and in between my teeth to make sure my mouth is free of food debris. Recently I found a softer edged 'softpick' that also allows for a nice gum massage.
  • Gum Massage: This is a really nice habit to incorporate which helps your gums to remain healthy and vital from the inside out. Massage brings blood flow to an area which assists in the delivery of nutrients and the whisking away of toxins. Massaging your gums will help your gums to stay in place and not recede and if gums are already receding this will help them to heal back in place. Brushing, flossing and toothpicking will all massage your gums to a degree but every day you can also massage your gums with your fingertip. With a clean finger, gently massage the gum area above each tooth (on the front and back) in a circular motion and a straight line motion towards the tooth. Massage with coconut oil for an extra boost - coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial so using coconut oil will really help in keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Not only is gum massage a healthy practice but it feels wonderful too.  Click here to read much more on the benefits of coconut oil.

Natural Toothbrushes

I have recently added Natural Toothbrushes or Tooth Sticks and oil pulling to my oral health routine and healthy teeth tips. On some days I will still follow the Daily/Weekly Protocol below but there are many days when all I do is use my natural toothbrush and toothpick throughout the day combined with tongue scraping and oil pulling first thing in the morning.

Daily and Weekly Protocol

Daily Protocol:

Here is the protocol that I do at times in the morning that incorporate the healthy teeth tips discussed above;

  1. Scrape my tongue.
  2. Oil Pulling
  3. Rinse with homemade salt water mouthwash.
  4. Floss with a drop of peppermint essential oil on the floss, see more here.
  5. Brush gently with homemade toothsoap.
  6. Rinse again with homemade peppermint mouthwash.

Weekly Protocol:

Here are the healthy teeth tips for getting your teeth sparkling white: Once or twice a week (recently I do this a couple times a month and find that is enough). I will replace steps 5 and 6 with the following for a deeper cleaning. This will help to remove any staining on your teeth but because baking soda can be quite abrasive (ie. may damage enamel if used daily). I recommend only doing this one or two times a week (if staining is bad) and one or two times a month for maintenance and not daily.

  1. as above
  2. as above
  3. as above
  4. as above
  5. Brush gently with homemade tooth whitening powder.
  6. Brush again with homemade tooth whitening powder but this time just use the toothbrush to place the powder on your teeth.
  7. Swish a teaspoon or two of Apple Cider Vinegar all around your mouth and in between your teeth. The vinegar will react with the baking soda in the tooth whitening powder and will foam up a great deal. Swish the apple cider vinegar around as it is foaming to get in all the cracks and crevices of your teeth.
  8. Spit and rinse


Along with the above steps, I use a toothpick and I massage my gums several times a day.

Get in the habit of following these healthy teeth tips. Make this part of your daily routine and you will see that all of this doesn't take much time at all. Enjoy your clean fresh mouth and your sparkling white teeth!

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