The Gabriel Method
The Ultimate Coaching Experience

(Weight Loss the Holistic Way)

The Gabriel Method is a holistic way to lose weight.  You’ll be personally guided by Jon Gabriel and an amazing team of holistic coaches (including myself) to transform your body and your life.

Have you been struggling to lose weight, a little or a lot?  Have you tried things before but haven't yet reached your goal or been able to sustain your success?

Jon Gabriel once weighed over 400 pounds (over 181kg).  He lost all of the weight he needed to without dieting. 

He didn't start out that way, he tried all sorts of diets during his journey and he realized that dieting wasn't the answer.  What did help him was NOT dieting but instead taking a much more holistic approach - one that does not count calories or put huge restrictions on you ... and it worked!!!  He lost the weight and has kept it off for years!

Jon went through a lot of struggles and challenges during his own weight loss journey and the success he had - without diets, without surgery - is amazing ... and is the same success you can have too.  Jon has dedicated his life's work to helping you to achieve this success.

Jon has created The Gabriel Method, which is not only a very effective and sustainable weight loss approach, but is also a super nourishing and supportive community of coaches and clients - one that I am humbled and honoured to be a part of.

If you are in a place where you feel ready to commit to your health and ready to do what it takes to make that a priority the Ultimate Coaching Experience program that Jon has designed may be the perfect fit for you!  There is a reason you are reading this right here right now.  I believe that seemingly random things come to us at exactly the time that we need them.

Take a look at the before and after pictures at the top of this page to see Jon's amazing transformation!

How I Met Jon Gabriel and The Gabriel Method

The Gabriel Method book

I first learned about Jon Gabriel while I was living in Thailand working as the Executive Health Advisor of a well known detox retreat there. 

I was handed his book (pictured above) and reading it, I quickly realized that Jon's approach to health is very similar to mine.  We thought about so many things the same way!

So, a little later when I was asked to join Jon's team of coaches, it was an easy YES!  Helping people to live a healthy happy life is a passion of mine and working together with someone who thinks along the same holistic principles as I do is beautiful to me.

I have been working together with Jon and the amazing team of holistic coaches that he has brought together for years now.  The success I have witnessed clients have using the Gabriel Method is incredibly heart warming.  I truly feel blessed and grateful to be doing this work.

The Ultimate Coaching Experience

If you decide to join The Gabriel Method, you truly can have the ultimate coaching experience!

THE ULTIMATE COACHING EXPERIENCE (UCE) is actually what the 6 month program is called.

Just some of what you will get by joining includes:

  • one on one coaching with Jon Gabriel
  • your own personal mentor to guide you through the 6 months
  • one on one coaching with holistic coaches (myself included) in different areas - nutrition, emotional support, fitness...
  • live (with archived replays) classes that I do regularly just for people in this program - this is not content that you will find anywhere else on my site - these are classes that I design specifically for UCE clients
  • an amazing support group website FULL of information, videos, recipes, tips all designed just for Gabriel Method clients
  • an active forum where you can ask questions, meet and speak with all the many others that have joined this program
  • access to our 2 week detox program that we run about twice a year where Jon and I will guide you with live calls every day during the detox week
  • guided visualizations
  • access to many other programs and expert interviews.
  • and so so much more!

How to Join The Gabriel Method Coaching Program (UCE)

To learn more and to apply for a spot in the Ultimate Coaching Experience (UCE) program, simply click here.

Go on over and have a look.  You will learn much more about Jon's story and you can also watch video testimonials and read other peoples' success stories.

All the information you need to get started including the application and pricing can be found here.

Carrying extra weight can affect every area of your life.  If you do join this program, it would be my honour to be one of your coaches to assist you on your journey

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