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Making-Healthy-Choices e-Zine #020 - Do You Feel Your Best?
March 14, 2013


(March 2013 Issue #020 from

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"Every person needs a retreat, a dynamo or silence, where he may go for the exclusive purpose of being newly recharged by the Infinite." - Paramahansa Yogananda

Do You Feel Your Best?

John and I just completed a 10 day Juice Feast - for 10 days we ingested no solid food - just fresh made fruit and vegetable juices and coconut water.

Have you ever felt like there is nothing seriously wrong with you but that you know you are not at your best? Well, that was me. For the most part I always felt great and I have a pretty healthy lifestyle but I also felt that my potential is to feel even better, more energized, more focused, more productive/creative, more balanced and more joyous.

The truth is that human beings are naturally happy, social and creative beings - it is not our natural state to be riddled with fatigue, depression / mood swings / irritability, physical aches and pains or obesity. But, unfortunately, nowadays we see these symptoms and more in so many people that some consider them within the normal range!!!

I truly believe that most of our ailments (physical, emotional, social, global) are because of unnatural living. Many of us no longer live close to the Earth, eat natural food, listen to our bodies / instincts, move the way we were meant to, etc.

Like I said, I always felt pretty great but still felt I was not at my best. And this is most likely due to the fact that, even though my lifestyle may be healthier than some, I am still affected by unnatural things in my life.

Things like living in an urban city with all the pollution and unnatural materials, being inside too much, being around electronics a lot (computers, tv), not moving my body the way it was meant to move (we are actually designed to be moving constantly for the better part of our waking hours) and on and on.

These things have a cumulative effect on my entire being and I feel it! It is often subtle but I can feel that my overall balance and energies are not always the best they can be. If these subtleties are not attended to they can certainly grow into much bigger physical and/or emotional challenges. I see that in so many others every day when I am out in public and as heartbreaking as that is, it also serves as a constant reminder to myself to LISTEN, PAY ATTENTION and FIX THINGS NOW.

Juice feasting is one of the ways I help my system to hit the reset button … to help my system to rid itself of unnatural elements and get back to a more natural state. During our juice feast I could feel my system re-aligning. I could feel my natural level of energy, creativity and focus returning.

Because we allow so many unnatural things into our lives these days, one 10 day juice feast is not going to fix every issue. We do detox cleanses or feasts like this intermittently and will continue to do them. We will continue to give our entire being times of complete retreat on all levels to allow our own internal and innate wisdom to surface.

I encourage everyone to tune in and do a retreat of whatever kind is possible for you right now.

If you would like to know more about our 10 day juice feast, click here to read all the juicy details (pun intended, smile).

Ways to Reconnect

We did a juice feast to help our bodies to re-balance and reconnect to its natural state. Below are some other things that can be done, simple things to do daily, to help re-connect to our natural inborn state.

Let's Be Frank

There are many people that I see every day that are so disconnected from their real and true selves. They are so far removed from their own innate guidance system that they can no longer hear or interpret what their own bodies are trying to tell them. Many people easily fall into the trap of adding more and more unnatural things to their lives, which in turn affects their thoughts, emotions, decision making processes and physical health and wellbeing.

I urge everyone to pay attention to the subtle messages and re-balance so things don't grow into enormous challenges that are then overwhelming. I truly believe that our bodies have a huge capacity to heal - anything!

There are many very inspirational people out there that have turned very overwhelming and long standing health issues around by simply re-learning and remembering how to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

Whether you are of good health or suffering from a huge challenge, I urge you to look closely at your life and recognize the things in it that are healthy and those that are not.

No one of us is an island, we are a community of social creatures and there is always help available to assist you in becoming your natural healthy self .. if you are truly ready, put your honest intention out there and you will find help.

Let's be Frank - Frank Ferrante is one of us humans that has overcome ill health by re-learning what it means to make good choices. His story is very inspiring.

In many ways, he was a typical American, riddled with stress, illness, irritability … ingesting much non-food and basically just not very healthy or what a normal human animal is meant to be.

With the help of a small group of caring individuals, he embarked on a journey to rid his life of much toxicity and to embrace that which is natural and healthy.

His story is a very moving and inspiring one - his story is one that touches our hearts and lets us know that anyone can improve their life. And not only improve their life but truly feel what it is like to exist in a body that is vibrant and think with a mind that is clear, connected and loving.

Frank was so moved by his own transformation that he now travels around doing speaking engagements and he is the star of the movie, 'May I Be Frank' which documents is transformation.

To read more about Frank or to purchase his movie or see his speaking schedule, click here.

If he comes to your city, I highly encourage getting out and meeting him and hearing him speak … truly inspiring!

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Next month: More quick and easy Holistic Health Tips and Information.

Until then, make healthy choices and be well,


Nadia Harper RHN
Holistic Nutritionist and Health Advisor
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