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Making-Healthy-Choices e-Zine #023 - Many don't know these are unhealthy
June 20, 2013


(June 2013 Issue #023 from

A fr*ee monthly newsletter to inspire you to be the healthiest, most vital and vibrant version of You!

A warm welcome to the Making-Healthy-Choices e-zine... Taking the time to focus on your health is the most important thing you can do - you are worth it!

In this month's e-Zine...

"Water, air, and cleanness are the chief articles in my pharmacy." - Napoleon Bonaparte

Wellbeing Week 2013

WellBeing Week

WELLBEING WEEK 2013 promises to be informative, enlightening and fun - a week dedicated to your wellbeing!

And you are warmly invited to join us!!

To join click here and hit the 'Join Group' button.

This is an online and completely free event that takes place from July 8 to July 14, 2013.

We have been hosting these yearly events since 2009.

Join a group of like-minded people as we explore holistic health in a fun and friendly environment.

This event takes place on Facebook and you can join the entire week from the comfort of your own home.

Every day during the week you will be presented with information and tips to help you help yourself to a better place of all around health and wellbeing.

There will be opportunities during the week to ask questions and join in conversations about the many topics we will cover.

All information/people/things come to us at the exact right time for us to receive them. There is a reason you are reading this right now.

I look forward to connecting with you during this week!

To join click here and hit the 'Join Group' button.

How to Freshen Your Air

I was in a store the other day and was amazed at the amount of different air fresheners that were for sale. There were candles, plug in ones, stand alone ones, cans of things to spray and on and on.

I looked closer at them and couldn't believe the amount of toxic chemicals they contained!!

Using these types of air fresheners will only add to the toxicity of the air in your home. Did you know that the air pollution level inside many people's homes is often worse than it is outdoors!!! And these chemical air fresheners are certainly part of the reason for that.

The air that you breathe inside your home is very important, it is where you sleep, where you wake up, where you prepare your food and eat, where your kids and pets live .. in short, it is your sanctuary.

Learn to create an atmosphere in your home that is healthy, clean and void of chemical contaminants and, not only will you and your family breathe easier, but your overall health will benefit too.

Breathing in these types of chemicals can contribute to a whole host of problems including;

  • asthma and other breathing challenges

  • allergies

  • skin irritations

  • fatigue

  • insomnia and other sleep problems
  • headaches

  • mind fog, unclear thinking

  • mood swings

  • nervous disorders

Do yourself a favour and do away with chemical air fresheners - you don't need them!

Instead, learn how to freshen the air in your home by using all natural methods. The tips below will freshen up your home and add to your health at the same time.

  • Open your windows: Weather permitting, open up those windows and let the air from outside flow through your home.

  • Bring in plants: Living plants are the best natural air freshener out there. They will naturally and perfectly filter the air in your home on a continuous basis.

  • Use natural cleaning products: This is a biggie - replace all chemical cleaners with natural ones. We clean our entire home using only, baking soda, lemon juice, water, vinegar and essential oils. 

  • Use baking soda: Place bowls of baking soda in your fridge, freezer, bathroom or anywhere else to absorb odors. Sprinkle on your carpet before vacuuming. 

  • Use essential oils: Like those scented candles? Instead, use an essential oil burner. 

Color Therapy Glasses

Colours are a part of our life. They can certainly affect our moods and disposition.

There are many healers in the world that use colors in their therapies. The ancient chakra system aligns certain colours to certain areas of the body.

This isn't new information.

I have been using these coloured glasses now for about a year and I love them. The purple ones are my favourite and my husband loves the orange ones. They come in all the colors of the rainbow. We have all the colors right by our front door and every day on the way out we each choose the color that we are most attracted to on that day.

Color Therapy Glasses

Wearing the typical brown, black or mirrored sunglasses can upset our circadian rhythms which can affect our sleep, lower our immune system and affect our overall health.

To learn more and/or to purchase these great colored glasses

CLICK HERE or on the images below and search for color therapy glasses

Color Therapy Glasses Round Color Therapy Glasses Pro

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Next month: More quick and easy Holistic Health Tips and Information.

Until then, make healthy choices and be well,


Nadia Harper RHN
Holistic Nutritionist and Health Advisor
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