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Making-Healthy-Choices e-Zine #031 - This Affects Everything
April 08, 2014


(April 2014 Issue #031 from

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In this month's e-Zine...

”Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” -Hippocrates

These Daily Choices Affect Everything

We humans are high vibrational beings - what I mean by that is that we are naturally happy, healthy, connected and loving.

Why then, do so many of us feel chronically tired, drained, depressed and sick???

There is no one easy answer to this but there is one thing that is almost always a factor with people experiencing chronic issues.

What is that one thing? Well, it has to do with something that we all do several times each day…

Making Food Choices

And in the case of those of us that just don’t feel our best - that are not experiencing our most glorious, most healthy potentials - we are talking about making poor food choices.

My reason for writing this article is simply to raise awareness.

I see many people going from doctor to doctor to look for a diagnosis and taking many different medicines while not realizing (not being aware) that their diet plays a factor.

Non-food (packaged processed food) that contains many chemical additives is a DRUG! It has addictive qualities, it has a drug like reaction in our body and it has side effects. These chemicals confuse our system and the natural order of balance within our bodies.

If you are continually ingesting these chemicals every day (and/or several times a day) it is extremely difficult for your body to be healthy … no matter what else you are doing.

Real whole food, on the other hand, can be your best medicine ever!!! Your body uses the food you intake to build cells, to repair damage, to grow, etc. It only makes sense that if you increase the quality of the food you are ingesting you will increase the quality of your body and mind.

I have had so many conversations lately where people are telling me that their children, their friends or even themselves are bipolar, depressed, have hayfever/allergies, get migraines and on and on. They go on to tell me the sufferings of their loved ones and their struggles with this doctor or that one, with this medicine or that one, with their insurance coverage, problems at their job, etc.

In each one of these conversations I have had recently, the people concerned ingest many or all of the following every single day AND several times per day;

  • fast food

  • candy bars and other candy

  • soda pop including diet soda drinks, energy drinks, artificially flavored drinks

  • potato chips

  • packaged food (things made at a factory)
  • microwaved food

  • artificial sweeteners

  • dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream)
  • breads, cakes, pastries, doughnuts, cookies

  • and a whole array of other things full of chemicals like salad dressings, ketchups and other sauces, artificial bacon bits, ice cream toppings, chip dips and salsas, etc.

And the above intake wasn’t even discussed by those people as part of the problem - they are not even aware that these things have anything to do with their issues.

My whole point in writing this article is simply to help people to understand (to remember, to become aware) that whatever you ingest (healthy or not) does affect your entire system. Diet is a factor in EVERYTHING!!!

Okay, so what to do? I understand that there are many addictions involved with the above list and that it is quite challenging for some to consider changing all of this.

What I suggest is this; if you are not ready to let go of anything on that list right now then don’t. Instead of focusing on taking those things away focus on adding in some good stuff. No matter what else you are doing, have a fresh green juice in the mornings. Just add in that one thing and see where that takes you.

Small changes over time - no need to change everything today.

The best thing any one of us can do for our bodies is to become aware of what is affecting it - good and bad - and then make conscious choices.

Lose the Stress, Lose the Weight

Sound simple? Maybe you are thinking, “Yeah right, easier said than done!!”.

Well, I would like to introduce you to a method of letting go of stress that really is amazing. I use this technique all the time in my life and it really does work!

So what is the deal with stress? Did you know stress can make you fat?

If you relieve your stress, you can often lose weight naturally, from the inside out by balancing your hormones.

Lose the Stress, Lose the Weight, is a new documentary film all about mind-body wellness. It teaches a safe, at-home practice called, Meridian Tapping, that helps you deal with difficult emotional situations as they arise.

I wanted to share this with you in this month’s newsletter because for the next week you can watch this film for FREE as a part of the online premiere.

If you suffer from workplace stress, family or relationship stress, past trauma, or any other emotionally-charged feelings throughout the day, this film is a wonderful educational and inspirational resource that I recommend very highly.

Until April 17th, the film is available to watch online for free (watch it as many times as you like), plus there are over 10 different experts sharing their knowledge during a daily lecture series – tons of really great information that many people are already finding extremely useful and that I hope you will too!

Click here and sign up to watch the film for free and get free access to the daily lecture series.

Inspiration You can Share

Phew, those were a couple big topics we covered already this month.

Let’s wrap up this month’s e-zine with some fun, quick and inspiring nuggets of wisdom.

I have been really enjoying creating these graphics lately, feel free to pin them to your own boards on Pinterest or to post them on your Facebook wall.





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Enjoy and feel free to share!

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Next month: More quick and easy Holistic Health Tips and Information.

Until then, make healthy choices and be well,


Nadia Harper RHN
Holistic Nutritionist and Health Advisor
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